Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2 years, 5 months

Because I don't want to forget, because I don't want to ever have trouble remembering what this kid was doing and saying when he was this age, full of cuddly-love-me and I-can-do-it-myself age.  Third kid is a tough birth order: fewer pictures, less recordings of every little milestone.  But oh, how I love him!

First, names of his favorite people:
(I'm not including Mama and Daddy because OF COURSE he can say Mama and Daddy)

Wee Vwee:  Avery
Aiyah:  Callie
Beebee: cousin Luke
Dahdoo:  cousin Andrew
Beepa:  Grandpa (LOVE this one)
Mimi:  Grammy (kinda want to keep calling her Mimi because he came up with that himself...not sure how  Grammy would feel about that, though!)
Nina:  Aunt Jatana
Dah (sometimes Uhn Dah):  Uncle Scotty
Nana and Poppy are clear as day, no interpretation needed for those

Names for things:
Coll:  cloth, his must-have for nap/bed time
Ber or Ber-ee:  a little stuffed bird he loves to death, also must-have for nap/bed time
Quee or Keen:  Lightning McQueen
By baa:  iPad
Gees: shoes
Flufful:  Garfield, as in The Garfield Show
Moo:  spoon
Eli:  sounds more like "eeeeeli"

He has many more words, and his speech is coming in clearer every day.  He can name body parts (including *cough* boy parts *cough*) and diaper and paper and bed and talks in sentences, kind of, and he tries to repeat things we say like "Oh, man" when he's disappointed.  He tries to sing the blessing at meals and wants me to sing to him for nap time and bed time.  I absolutely love this kid.  His sisters aren't half bad, either.

And to add to the cutest boy EVER, he also has taken to telling his sisters to "Have a good day!" when we drop them off at school.  Except he sounds like, "Da dah doo day, Aiyah!"  And then when we pick them up after school he runs and gives them a big hug and then asks, "Aiyah (or We Vwee), di doo dah da doo day?"  SO CUTE.  He also thinks Callie stays on the play ground when she goes to school since that's where she plays until it's time to go inside the building.  CUTEST BOY EVER!!

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